Two Hasidic teenage girls run away from home in NYC to try to find freedom somewhere far away in the real America they've dreamed of.


Big Apple Film Festival:      Best Feature Film
Manhattan Film Festival:    Best Coming-Of Age Film
London Independent Film Awards:
                                           Best Feature Film
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards:
                                           Best Feature Screenplay: Harry Greenberger
                                           Best Editing: Sara Corrigan
Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival: 
                                           Best Picture 
                                           Best Cinematography: Karl Kim
                                           Best Actress (Taylor Rose)
Los Angeles Film Awards: Best Picture
                                           Best Director: Harry Greenberger
                                           Best Narrative Feature
                                           Best Actress: Taylor Rose
                                           Best Supporting Actress: Jill Shackner
                                           Best Duo: Taylor and Jill
Actors Awards ( Los Angeles) 
                                        Best Performance of the Year: (Winner)Taylor Rose
                                           Best Performance of the Fest: (Winner) Taylor Rose
                                           Best Supporting Actress (Winner): Jill Shackner
Festigious International Film Festival (Los Angeles):
                                        Best Of Fest (Film Of The Year)
                                           Best Indie Feature
                                           Best Picture
                                         Inspiring Woman In A Film: Taylor Rose
                                           Best Original Score: Aaron Lee Tasjan
New York Film Awards:      Best Of Fest (Film Of The Year)
Best Picture
                                           Best Narrative Feature
                                           Best Actress; Taylor Rose
                                           Best Supporting Actress: Jill Shackner
New Filmmakers New York Series: Official Selection
Latitude Film Awards ( London)
                                           Platinum Award Winner:Best Feature Film
                                           Gold Award: Best Director
                                           Gold Award: Best Actress: Taylor Rose
IndieFest: (Awards Of Merit)
                                           Film Feature
                                           Leading Actress: Taylor Rose
                                           Supporting Actress: Jill Shackner
                                           Script/Writer:  Harry Greenberger
                                           Original Song: Go Easy (Aaron Lee Tasjan)
Queen Palm Independent Film Festival
                                           Best Supporting Actress: Jill Shackner
                                           Best Supporting Actress (Honorable Mention): Sarah Clarke
Gold Movie Awards (London):
                                           Best Feature Film
                                          Best Actress (Taylor Rose)
Rome Independent Prisma Awards:
                                           Best Feature Film (Winner)
                                      Best Leading Actress:Taylor Rose
                                           Best Supporting Actress:Sarah Clarke
Coney Island Film Festival:
                                           Best Feature Film
Yonkers Film Festival (YoFiFest, Yonkers NY)
                                           Official Selection
Tucson Music and Film Festival
                                           Official Selection ("Festival Centerpiece" screening slot)
Next Big Thing Film Festival (FairFax VA)
                                           Best Feature Film Award
Ohio Independent Film Festival
                                          Official Selection 
River's Edge Film Festival (Kentucky)
                                           Official Selection
Dumbo Film Festival 
                                      Official Selection
Queens World Film Festival
                                      Official Selection
Garden State Film Festival
                                      Official Selection